Let the Adventure begin!

Join Young Detective Gatson and Farmer Kelly.
Solve mysteries, build inventions and save the day.

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for kids 7-11 yrs old.
Critical Thinking • Creativity • Collaboration

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Mek History: What Really Happened


Here's what Kids are saying!

"It was very fun!"- Problem Solving Kid
"You bet I had fun. I have to go again!"- Adventurous Kid

Here's what Parents are saying!

"Because he was solving a mystery, he didn't realize he was using his brain!"- Jo
"I love that this is a deliberate attempt to get them to think strategically and draw on their creativity." - Nadia
"The fact that Mek lets her build things as a solution to something is a special touch. I love it. I love the idea of having something local that has local references. This is bliss for me."- Jan
"She's always wanted to be a lawyer. Now that she  made something with her hands, for the first time ever she now wants to be a construction manager!"- Ava