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Behind the scenes adventures on our journey to Mek the Planet.

Old age is coming for us all. This week I learned to seize the moment and launch ideas now, especially if they're audacious. That's why this month we're launching Mek Kits. They're immersive story experiences in a package that kids use to read missions, build inventions and save the day.

Mek Kit in Real Life! Launch The Things.

Building a values-based product isn't tricky. But when children have fun collaborating, we must be doing something right.

Can a Collaborative Game for Kids be Fun?

Mek the Planet makes it to TV. Here's what I forgot to say.

Mek the Planet's First TV Interview!

We’re a Jamaican company developing an interactive adventure platform for kids called Mek the Planet.

Does your kid like to solve a good mystery?