November 13, 2019
Does your kid like to solve a good mystery?

Then we’ve got great news. We’re a Jamaican company developing an interactive adventure platform for kids who do. It’s called Mek the Planet.

Mek the Planet is a game world hit by a mysterious disaster. Characters there like young Detective Gatson and Farmer Kelly send for help to solve and build things, and kids like yours save the day.

A World of Good

Kids in Jamaica are helping one mission at a time. In fact, if Planet Mek's newspaper were up and running (it's being rebuilt because of, you know, the disaster) last month’s headline would have been:

‘8 Year Old Kids Help Catch Kid Napper Plaguing Lignum Village. ’

Kids 7-9 years old are joining Mek the Planet to read their missions, build inventions & save the day with friends. And so can you.

Helping Gatson Figure it out!

Here's How It Works:

  1. Characters send you a mission kit, with a scrapbook and craft materials.
  2. Kids send them pictures of their creations
  3. Then interact with the characters and friends to save the day!

It’s still early days and we’re developing the product as we go. But what’s cool is that we are hand making the materials right in our design lab and as we ship to kids we get to see how they interact with what we make. Then we tweak along the way.

Gashwayne Making Kits

A Bit about Us

We are a Jamaica-based design lab for immersive, creative kid products. We decided to do this because we feel our purpose is to empower a diverse community of kid change-makers.

Ultimately, we are designing Mek the Planet to bring together a global kid community encouraging creativity, care and resourcefulness. Our vision is a world where kids everywhere are inspired to make tomorrow better, together.

Join our Journey

As we’re making this happen, we’d love you to be with us every step of the way. Follow us on Instagram to keep track of where we are. We'll show you the product as we build it and kids interacting with it too.

Don’t be a stranger! DM us and give us a strength or let us know how you think we’re doing.

Let’s Mek it Happen Together!

Your Mek CEO,


Kenia Mattis