December 19, 2019
Mek the Planet's First TV Interview!

Last week we had an exciting surprise!

We started promoting our upcoming January 11, 2020 workshop on Instagram, and were thrilled to see kids and parents already signing up for a day of creativity, mystery and collaboration.

But we ended the week on a high after we got a message from a producer at Daytime LIVE! on TVJ who saw our concept on Instagram and thought it was interesting enough to be featured on the show!

With hosts Craigy T and Sanique. Gash is in the audience being camera shy.

Admittedly, it was our first time talking about this grand idea of building an interactive, story driven world on TV. So if you saw it and still had a few questions, or if you missed it and are curious about how it went, I've got you covered. I'm still getting better at telling our story, and not so sure all the photos I'd wanted to share came up. So just in case I'm filling in a few gaps here too. Let's call this my Daytime LIVE! interview round 2 :)

What is Mek the Planet?

Mek the Planet is a game world that has been hit by a mysterious disaster. Characters in that story world send kits to kids here in Jamaica with materials they can use to solve and build things. And kids' mission is save the day.

We got this pic from a mom shortly after her kids got a Mek kit.

What inspired this creative concept?

While doing workshops with kids to help write their own stories, we found that kids love not only writing them, but being in the stories too. So we decided to build a world they can be part of, that's fun and inspires creativity, collaboration and caring.

Why this name?

We chose this Jamaican inspired name for 3 reasons.

  1. We want it to be culturally relatable, so the scenarios kids see will be inspired by things they see around them e.g. goat thief. They contribute ideas too for things they want to solve, so the world is made by them.
  2. The name is aligned with the primary thing we want kids to do: to make things
  3. It's also in line with our core values. Tun yuh han' mek fashion, mek yuhself useful and every mickle mek a muckle.

Can parents play along too?

Sure! Parents have helped kids to build inventions for Mek the Planet and figure out how to solve puzzles. It's fun to do alone, but always nice when they get involved or celebrate kids when the mission's accomplished.

Where can Parents sign up their kids for the workshop?

You can sign up here to secure your spot! It's going to be an immersive, 'Tun yuh han' mek fashion' workshop for kids 7+ years old, where we'll be mystery solving and contraption building. It'll be hosted at the creative space of ListenMi Animation and Design studio. We're excited to see kids mek the planet together.

Kenia Mattis