Gatson's Side Quest

Alert: There's a new message waiting for you. It's a SIDE QUEST from Mek the Planet!

Calling all Mekanists!

Lignum Village is overrun by Power Plants!

The Leaping Goats can't carry them all to the other villages. And if we leave the plants in the ground too long, we will lose the crop.

Invent a device to attach to the leaping goats so they can carry more power plants.

There's a lot of rope lying around, can you use it in your invention design?

Submit your design to get a personal thank you message from Gatson!

Remember to:

Submit invention
Submit invention

Here are some designs created by fellow Mekanists!

You will receive an official Lignum Village Patent certificate just like these too!

Mekanist Bulletin

We salute new Level 1 Mekanists

for Service in Mission Solving and Invention Building

Cooly J • Kaylapower • Jay Jay • Kay Kay • Konic • Tais Alex • Joy 7589

But wait, there's more!

At the edge of Lignum Village is a pumpkin farm where Kelly, a 9 year old farm inventor, lives with her parents. She invents tools to help other farmers. Would you like a kit to invent with Kelly?

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